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This slab roller by Frema is constructed with heavy gauge steel plate. Has easy thickness adjustment by hand wheel from either side.
Slab Roller SR-30
Rs. 49,808.00
This compact and versatile kiln is the perfect blend of a home studio model and a great production studio kiln. It is wide in size, and hence suited for artists who have difficulty opening and loading a deep kiln. It powers up to Cone 10 making it perfect for porcelain firings.
Skutt Kiln 822
Rs. 179,257.00
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Designed with the potter in mind, Shimpo RK-55 is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. The wheel has a remote pedal, two-piece splash pan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system.
Shimpo RK55 Wheel
Rs. 30,196.00
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Clay Station sells stove top kilns perfect for terracotta jewellery and small artifacts. The kiln can be fired on any regular gas stove. Read firing details given below carefully for desired results. It carries one year warranty for the kiln chamber and three months warranty for the saggar (crucible for placing jewellery).
HTC Kiln
Rs. 6,280.00
Banding Wheel -22L
Banding Wheel -22L
Rs. 4,789.00
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Adjustable Potters Stool