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The R series from DiamondCore Tools is a line of incredible Handheld Clay Extruders allowing you to quickly create clean and beautiful accents for your ceramic pieces. You can use the clay extruders’ variable depth ski and advanced blade technology to produce feet for slab-built platters, dishes, or plates, as well as handles for mugs, pitchers, and other vessels. Just slice it, cut it to length and attach it.

Looking for the best pottery trimming tools? Look no further than the incredible selection from DiamondCore. Their pottery trimming tools feature advanced never-dull, stainless-steel blades are sharp enough to trim clay that’s either too wet or too dry for other tools. These pottery trimming tools are also designed to provide minimal drag and resistance for a smooth, finished product. These high-performance ceramics tools, when combined with our well-known Carving Tools, make the perfect pair for any artist.


DiamondCore Extruder and Trimming Tools

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