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Kiln Wash Instructions

Using Kiln Wash:

Kiln wash is a protective coat applied to the kiln shelf to prevent the expensive shelfs from getting damaged with glaze melts. This preventive coat needs to be applied only on the side the articles will be loaded and should be avoided on the other side as it could chip and fall on the articles while firing. 

Preparing Kiln Wash

For 1kg kiln wash

  • Take 650 ml of water in a bowl.
  •  Slowly sprinkle 1kg of the kiln-wash powder in the bowl of water. By gradually rotating the bowl, ensure the majority of the powder is immersed in water. Do not mix now.  Soaking the powder and not mixing them at this stage is important as some of the components in the kiln wash tend to form lumps at this stage.
  •  Let it soak for 2 hours.
  • Now mix thoroughly for a few minutes till it gets to paint like consistency.  A handy mixer or drill machine can also be used for mixing.


Applying Kiln wash

  • Before applying the kiln wash, wipe the surface of the kiln shelf with a wet sponge.   
  • While the shelf is still moist, start applying the kiln wash
  • Use a broad and soft brush to apply the wash using long strokes
  • Leave  ½ inch of uncoated margin from the outside edge of the shelf. However, if the glazed articles will be loaded till the edge of the shelf, then apply the kiln wash till the outside edge.
  • Apply minimum 3 coats of wash letting each coat dry a bit before applying next coat
  • With a wet sponge, wipe all the edges to remove any kiln wash spills

*  If there is an existing coat, scrape the coat cleanly and wipe the shelf with a wet sponge before applying the new coat.

* If there is any excess kiln wash, store it in an airtight container. It can be used later. If the kiln wash becomes thicker, little water can be added to bring the kiln wash to paint like consistency before application. The mixed kiln wash has expiry of 8 months from the day it is prepared. Unmixed kiln wash has expiry of 2 years from the procurement date.