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Glaze Mixing Instructions

Kindly note: These instructions are applicable only for mixing Claystation powdered glazes. 


  • Container with lid to store glaze (minimum 3 litre capacity)
  • 1000ml water (split into 850ml&150ml measures)
  • 100-120 mesh siever
  • 2nd container to sieve glaze mix


  • Pour 850ml water into the storage container, into it add the glaze powder
  • Close lid and set aside for 15-20 minutes
  • Mix the glaze well until lumps have dissolved and glaze mixture feels smooth
  • Take 2nd container and sieve the glaze into it
  • Sieve the glaze mix a second time back into the main container using the remaining 150ml water to ensure all the glaze mix gets used
  • Close the container and set aside for 24 hours before use, to allow the glaze composition to rest and blend
  • Make sure the glaze is mixed thoroughly before each use, no glaze should be left caked at the bottom of the container


  • Results will vary with variation in thick or thin application of the glaze
  • For more information check the respective glaze page on our website:online.claystation.in