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EXPLORING GLAZES - A fresh Approach


  • What are the total numbers of sessions for the program?
There total of 17 sessions
6 Theory Sessions
6 Lab Review Sessions
5 Question and Answer sessions


  • What are theory sessions?

Theory sessions are like different chapters about glaze formulation which we will cover during the program.


  • What are lab assignments?

After each theory session, student will be give practical assignments to work on. This would involve using the glaze calculator, formulating glaze recipes, mixing minerals, application on test tiles and firing. These assignments can take any where between 10-30 hours each. 


  • What are lab review sessions?
After each theory session, student will be give assignments to work on. During the lab review session we will be discussing the results of the assignments to get a better understanding of the process, material and results.
  • What are Question and Answer sessions?
Students can discuss questions from theory session or lab assignments with the instructors.
  • How much time would we have to complete our lab assignments?

Students will be given little more than a week (starting after theory session and before the lab review session) to finish their lab assignments. During these days students are expected to make the glazes, fire them and submit the results to the instructor before the lab review session.


  • When do we need to submit our assignment?

Students need to submit the assignment 1 day before the lab review session by 11:00 in the morning.


  • How do we submit our assignments?

Students need to submit good quality photographs of their test tiles results. The platform of submission will be explained during the class.


  • Do we need access to firings?

Yes, students will need weekly access to firings. This is important to yield maximum learning and result from the program.


  • What if I don’t have access to firings, can I still attend the program?

To yield maximum learning from the program it is extremely critical to fire your glazes. We suggest you to look for studio around you who can provide you with weekly access to firings.


  • Do we need to buy glaze minerals and oxides for the program?

No, Clay Station will send you a glaze formulation kit at your door step, which will contain all the necessary minerals and oxides that you would need during the program.


  • What if we already have raw materials and don’t wish to take Clay Station raw material?

The UMF approach uses glaze calculator to formulate the glazes. Calculator uses the ratio of the oxides present in each material for predicting the glaze behavior.  Any material having analysis result can be used. Materials sent by Clay Station are analyzed and stable to be used for the glaze calculator.


  • Are all the lab Equipment required for the program in the Glaze Formulation Kit?

No, Clay station will send only minerals and oxides and few lab equipments. However we will send you a list of lab equipment required for the course, along with the links of where you can find them. Students are expected to arrange for the same.