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Underglazes are used to decorate ceramics with a vibrant range of colours and designs. They are applied on bisqueware or greenware, followed by a clear glaze coating which helps to retain the underglazed details and provides a protective sheen to the piece.

Designs created with underglazes stay where they are drawn and do not alter in the firing process. Hence, they are ideal for detailed painting, watercolor effects and free brush drawings. You can also blend different underglazes to make custom tints and shades. The underglazes we supply are nontoxic and food-safe, unless specified otherwise.

If you are looking for a translucent pattern then a single coat is sufficient. If you are looking for a solid vibrant color, then you must apply multiple coats. We recommend one to three coats of underglaze on bisqueware, followed by two coats of a clear glaze.


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