Clay Station is the official distributor of Skutt Kilns in India and its neighbouring countries. They are the highest quality, hassle-free and easy-to-use electric kilns among the ones which are currently available in the market. They are well-suited for beginners, studio potters, production potters, schools, sculptors, slip casters, hobby potters and, slab and tile makers. You may visit our guide on choosing the right kiln. If you are still not sure, you can email your queries to, and our kiln experts will be happy to assist you.


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Clay Station sells stove top kilns perfect for terracotta jewellery and small artifacts. The kiln can be fired on any regular gas stove. Read firing details given below carefully for desired results. It carries one year warranty for the kiln chamber and three months warranty for the saggar (crucible for placing jewellery).
HTC Kiln
Rs. 6,280.00