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When do I need a 3 phase connection for an electric kiln?

When do I need a 3 phase connection for an electric kiln?

There is a general belief that certain kiln models always need 3 phase.  Actually, any kiln model can be made available in single phase or 3 phase. However, power infrastructure at your premise will determine whether you need a 1 Phase or 3 Phase for the kiln model you have chosen.


The main factor to be considered is the “Sanctioned Load”. The Utility company that supplies power to your area sets limit for the available power to your premises. This limit is known as ‘Sanctioned Load’.  The load sanctioned for your premise will be mentioned in your electricity bill. This is generally denoted as KW. From our observation, we have noticed, many non-industrial premises have sanctioned load between 3KW-5KW. In most Indian states, if you need more than 5KW of sanctioned load, Utility company will mandate 3 phase connection.


It is important to note, the sanctioned load should be more than your total power requirement at your premise. You can arrive at total power requirement for your studio as follows. Every kiln model has it power requirement listed in its specification as KW. Since there are other appliances that could be operated along, power requirement of those needs to be considered as well.  So


Your total Power Required = Power of kiln in KW + Power of other appliances in KW.



  • Kiln model = KM 822 requires 8KW.
  • Other appliances operated in parallel =1 KW (includes lighting, pottery wheel, fan, etc).
  • Total power required = 8KW+1KW = 9KW
If your sanctioned load is less than 9KW
You need to approach your utility company to increase the sanctioned load. Depending on your local regulations, your utility company will advise you to opt for single phase or 3 phase.
If your sanctioned load is more than the 9KW, you verify if the connection provided is 1 phase or 3 phase.

The 3 phase requirement is mandated by your utility company based on regulations in your state and not the kiln model. Share your sanctioned load details along with phase information, we will supply kiln models that match the phase specification.


Drop us a note, if you need further clarifications on this.

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